1. A restaurant owner / chef rarely had time to greet guests, but on this one particular evening, he felt he had to make an exception. He came out of the kitchen and went straight over to one table, introduced himself and extended his hand. The gentleman reciprocated and they shook hands. After the man finished his dinner, he ventured back into the kitchen and begged the gracious chef for a moment, so they could speak together. The gentleman advised the chef that he was a physician. He urged that the chef, the first thing the next day, should seek a medical consultation for what could be a rare and potentially life threatening condition. The physician explained that upon their shaking hands, he noted that the chef’s hand was unusually spongy, which was a symptom he recognized from a singular case he had treated 30 years earlier.
  2. Of course the chef quickly sought the recommended consultation. The dangerous condition was confirmed and successfully treated. So, the inexplicable compulsion to greet some guests and shake one person’s hand saved his life.

    2. A man and his wife recently bought a vacation home deep in the Maine woods. One day while he was chopping a log with an ax, a hunk of the tree bark flew off and revealed on the smooth membrane below the carefully carved initials E E L - coincidentally the exact same as his own.

    3. It was a beautiful afternoon in Paris and the outdoor café was crowded. An elderly couple waited to be seated. A man from New York, at a table by himself, got up and asked, if the couple would care to join him (that’s the kind of guy he is). They did and after about a half an hour the man came to learn that the elderly couple was from Peru and astonishingly the grandparents of his college roommate.

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